U.S. Naval Academy, Class of 1972
27th Company — "Cold War Warriors"

The crucible of plebe year at the Naval Academy has been a bonding experience for many of our classmates. Difficult obstacles that need to be overcome, and required teamwork, can eventually make us stronger, similar to the tempering of steel. Hardships strengthen rather than weaken a man of character. Looking back in history, serving together on the USS Constitution, Oliver Hazard Perry and Lt James Lawrence became fast friends, “shipmates” whose bond represented a deep sense of commitment in addition to their friendship. We have in some respects utilized the the Cost of Freedom weekends to bring “shipmates” of old together to further a cause bigger and more important than any of us individually could accomplish. It has developed within each of us an increasingly greater appreciation and understanding of the core values of both the United States Navy and Marine Corps – specifically honor, courage, and commitment. The last ten years would not have been possible without the commitment of the following dedicated classmates and their spouses.

And in Memory of: Roger Fosse, Ben "Pumpkin" Reymann and Steve Mclaughlin

Note: Captain Ted Harwood (Ret), USNA Class of 1974, and Rear Admiral Mike "Alty" Stocks, US Medical Corps (Ret) have been officially included as one of us – many thanks to Ted and Nancy Harwood, and Mike and his wife Joyce.